Enrolment and Settling


Enrolling  Your Child

To enrol your child, please phone or call into the centre to make an appointment with the Manager to have a look around.  If there is a space available, your child will be able to start after a few settling visits. If there is not the space that you need available, you can put your child’s name on the waiting list (with no administration fee or obligation) and you will be notified when the space becomes available. 

Settling Your Child into the Centre

Children (and parents) feel more confident about new experiences if they are given time to adjust.  Some children need to visit more often than others, but it helps to take it at their pace. We ask that you spend some time in the centre with your child before they actually start to attend.  Spending time playing with your child will ensure you both become familiar with the environment, get to know the teachers, the other children and the routines.  The more often you visit, the sooner your child will feel settled.

Most children enrol in the nursery at Forfar. The nursery has a primary caregiving system in which each new child is assigned two teachers (a primary and a secondary caregiver) to help with the settling process. This ensures your child is not overwhelmed with the transition from home to a centre environment, and establishes strong relationships with as few people as possible.

We provide three free settling sessions where you leave your child for short periods before they start attending.  The Manager will arrange settling visits with you at times that work for you, your child and the centre. These visits increase in length each time as your child becomes more familiar with the process. When it is time to leave your child, talk to their primary caregiver for guidance and strategies for making this a positive experience for both of you, they have heaps of experience with settling children (and anxious parents!).