Learning and Care

What Do We Offer?

The Centre has a separate nursery and preschool.  Both areas have large natural outdoor environments and provide a wide variety of equipment and resources for the children to explore.

Our programme is based on the goals of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki, which promotes five key areas of learning and development for children: Well-being, Belonging, Communication, Contribution and Exploration.

Our home-like nursery environment is designed to nurture babies, to provide them with a caring, relaxed space that allows them to learn and develop at their own pace. Our curriculum is based on a primary caregiving system. Every child has their own primary caregiver. Primary caregivers are teachers especially chosen for their knowledge of, and passion for, working with infants and toddlers. Primary caregivers work in close partnership with you to ensure your baby’s needs, and your aspirations for them are met through a trusting and supportive relationship. Your child’s primary caregiver will focus on offering your child developmentally appropriate activities and resources. They will work to your child’s individual rhythms and be attuned to your child’s body language and non-verbal cues, helping them to develop socially and explore their world, in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

The preschool provides a curriculum that reflects and values the aspirations and expectations of parents and families, and builds on the children’s current needs, interests and strengths. The curriculum is supported by teachers who work alongside and encourage children to participle in activities and experiences allowing them the opportunity to explore, make choices, take responsibility, create, develop social and emotional competence and above all learn in a fun and nurturing environment.

We will capture your child’s time at Forfar through a learning journey book which will have many meaningful stories and photos of your child’s time here.  These stories underpin our assessment and planning processes and enable us to identify positive learning outcomes for your child, focusing on their knowledge, skills, interests, attitudes and dispositions.  These books will become a treasured record of your child’s educational journey and will hold many special memories for you all.


Nursery Gallery


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